Ways to Get Active in The Summer!
Go Swimming!
Play a Sport!
Go Hiking!

Swimming is one of the most effective total body around. Bonus, the water will keep you cool while you exercise and you can work on your tan! Head to your local pool or recreational center during non-peak hours and try various swim strokes.

Sports are an enjoyable way to spend time with friends and family while getting a great workout in (sometimes without even noticing!). Summer is a great time to get a crew together to play basketball, kickball, tennis, and soccer.

Hiking is an effective cardiovascular workout that seriously works your legs! Find a nearby trail or metro park and map out your course – preparation is key to a great hike. Be sure to pack plenty of water, a snack, and sunscreen. Bring a buddy or your dog and enjoy beautiful scenery while working your entire body!

Do Yoga!

Yoga can be extremely relaxing, and the best part is it can be done basically anywhere. Grab your mat and head to your favorite destination with an awesome view to make it even better! Spend some time alone relaxing, while still getting a great workout in!

Go for a Bike Ride!

Enjoy nature trails, city sidewalks, or whatever else you have around you as you excersize your legs, strengthen your core, and get your heart rate pumping! Be sure to keep an eye out for traffic and pedestrians, too!

Have a Water Fight!

Chasing friends around and running from incoming water balloons will provide a major calorie burn as you sprint around the yard!

Always remember to have an adult with you when you are exercising!

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